Skippin’ the SkePU? No way!


You’re seeing things as it is, buddy; you’re eyes aren’t confusing you. You stumbled on the right blog. Welcome to Z SkePU (say skee-pee-yoo or skee-po). While it provide skeletons for multiple kind of processing units present in the modern GPU-based systems, here at Z SkePU, we’ve gathered several tips and tricks on how to fiddle with this skeleton programming framework. As intended for multicore CPUs and multi-GPU systems, it is a C++ template library with six data-parallel and one task-parallel skeletons, two container types, and support for execution on multi-GPU systems both with CUDA and OpenCL.

Feel free to roam around and dissect every section of our blog grab what you need to know regarding with SkePU. If you are still a novice, don’t worry, our walkthroughs with SkePU will help you learn with ease with this skeleton programming framework.

Now is the best time to start uncovering the SkePU. What are you waiting for? Go on and start fiddling.